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Direct primary care is a patient care for the whole family. The model is based on a flat fee monthly membership for all access to a physician (email, text, phone, in office visits, and in special cases home visits). In return, the physician can provide personalized care, dispense medication in the office (IE antibiotics, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic pills) Also labs and imaging are discounted almost 50% DPC practices often suggest that patients acquire a high-deductible policy to cover emergencies.

Why Vegas DPC

Now that you know what DPC is, Here is why you should choose Vegas DPC for you and your loved ones.


Work directly with your doctor and develop a relationship for your heathcare needs.


Direct access via text, email, phone, office or home visits. Care where you need it.


Affordable healthcare tailored to your individual needs. No insurance , no co-pays, no hidden fees ..


With a fixed mothly membership fee that covers most of your non-emergency medical needs, there are no suprise bills or insurance to deal with.


Meet Dr. Ati Hakimi MD

     Dr. Ati Hakimi  has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. She was trained in family medicine at Northwestern University and is fellowship trained in Geriatric medicine  from Rush University medical center.


     Dr. Hakimi started her direct primary care practice to re - establish the quality of care each person deserves with a physician.   She believes in preventive healthcare to maintain overall wellness physically and mentally. She practices compassionate healthcare and treats every member as if they are a part of her own family . 


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