An Affordable Healthcare Benefit for Your Employees

     The challenges facing small business owners can be overwhelming and the cost of doing business is escalating. Many business owners who want to offer healthcare benefits find it simply isn’t possible in today’s business climate.  

     With our employee membership pricing, small businesses can offer employees a year’s worth of actual health care coverage that will meet most of their needs for about one-tenth the cost of a high deductible health insurance plan that essentially provides no care. 


How it Works

  • Employers have the option to enroll or remove employees each month

  • Family members of your employees are welcome to join the clinic.  You choose if you want to cover the cost of those memberships or not.

  • Employees are responsible for labs, pathology and medication costs.

  • Employees are encouraged to consider a high deductible insurance plan to cover hospitalization, complex illness, or trauma as a complement to Vintage DPC healthcare.


Benefits to Employers

  • Healthier employees

  • Less lost employee hours 

  • Ability to provide low cost health benefit

  • Attract and retain the best employees


Membership Pricing for Businesses

One time initiation fee $100 


Monthly Fees*


Company of 5-10 Employees

  • Employee $85/Month

  • Spouse of Employee $85/Month


Company of 11-50 Employees

  • Employee $75/Month

  • Spouse of Employee $75/Month


Company of 51-100 Employees

  • Employee $65/Month

  • Spouse of Employee $65/Month

Company of 100+ Employees

  • Please contact us for custom pricing tailored to meet your needs

*Billed via monthly automatic EFT

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